about alex

Alex Zesiger is the owner and floral designer at Lily and Juniper.

A mother to 2 daughters named Lily and Juniper she pulls her inspiration from them. Much of her time is spent in the garden growing flowers and teaching her girls about nature. 

A Utah Native, she fell in love with flowers as she fell in love with her husband, gathering flowers for botanical collections on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains together. This began a deep love of both nature and her husband.


She began designing in 2019 after starting a cut flower farm. She has since completed over 80 weddings, has been featured in multiple magazines and interviews and continues to define her style and herself. 


She would describe her style as wild-etherial but is constantly evolving. She thrives with designs that are challenging and creative. Outside the box is where she prefers to be. 


When not designing, you can find her paddle-boarding, gardening, watching a good comedy and enjoying time with her family.